1 Note Kept In The Piggy Bank, Become A Millionaire By Selling It Today, You Will Have To Cry If You Miss The Opportunity, Sell It Here


New Delhi: Do you know that now you can become a millionaire overnight by selling old coins and notes. Let us tell you that the price of old coins and notes is very high in the international market. Antique and unique notes and coins are taken in the international market, for which you get good prices, so if you are also fond of collecting old coins and notes, then this hobby can make you rich overnight. In this news, we are talking about the old note of one rupee, by selling which you can earn 5 to 7 lakh rupees.

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If you have kept this old ₹ 1 rupee note, then quickly see carefully whether it has the same characteristics by selling which you can earn lakhs of rupees. Let us tell you further in the news that what should be the features of this old ₹ 1 note of yours.

Features of old Rs 1 note

Let us tell you that if you have 1 rupee (1 rupee note) issued by the British government in 1935, then you can earn up to 5 to 7 lakh rupees by selling it. Along with this, on this one rupee note, Governor J.W. The image of Kelly and George V remains on the note. Similarly, if you have an old one rupee coin of 1885 issued by the British government, you can sell it on online e-commerce website and auction your note for a good and hefty amount.

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How to sell it on online e-commerce website

* First of all visit e-commerce website like www.ebay.com or www.coinbazzar.com .

* Register yourself there.

* Register your mobile number and email there after which you will be registered.

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* Then there you take the photo of your note and upload the image i.e. photo of one rupee note.

* Now the advertisement of selling this one rupee note of yours will be visible to the buyer, now whoever wants to buy your note will contact you and then you can sell this note and get a huge amount from him.


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