Baba Tells The Truth In The Court Of Bageshwar Government, Know The Biggest Secret Of Baba!


New Delhi. Lakhs of devotees come to the court of Bageshwar Dham in the country and abroad and seek redressal of their sorrows from Baba Ji. Baba also reads the mood of his devotees and removes their problems in a moment and makes them happy. Due to this form of Babaji, the court of Bageshwar Dham has become a center of great faith. Story teller Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shastri in Baba Bageshmavar Dham is in big headlines these days. Because Dhirendra Shastri claims by reading the mind of the people at a glance. People believe that the luck of the devotees changes just by applying to Bageshwar Dham. Whoever goes to Maharaj’s court, he reads their problems without telling them, and then in front of the whole crowd, he solves the problem on the paper by telling their mind and writes that soon your problem will be over. .

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Baba’s divine court is located in village Gada of Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. Which has become famous in the country and abroad by the name of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar. A large number of people from every state reach the court of Bageshwar Dham and submit their applications. But the big question is, how does Baba know the mind of the people?

Bageshwar Sarkar claims that he has such a divine power received by Lord Balaji Maharaj that he knows the mind of the people very well. He says that he has a connection with Lord Balaji. They get the signal from above. People’s problems are known only through this signal. Due to these powers of Bageshwar Maharaj, the number of devotees reaching Bageshwar Dham is continuously increasing.

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After all, how do you know what is in your mind?

Now a question arises again and again in everyone’s mind that how does Bageshwar Maharaj know the thoughts of the people? In fact, some experts claim that it is a great art. When we think something, its expressions are also visible in our face which some people can read. For example, Braille script is for those who do not have eyesight, with the help of which they can read words without seeing. Just like that there are mentalists who can read the expressions of people’s faces. There are many such mentalists in the country and the world who read emotions in this way.

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If someone knows the art of mentalist, then apart from the physical efforts of the person in front, what is the behavior of the person. Along with this, what is his way of talking, they read this feeling easily. Apart from this, some people also have the art of hypnosis, who can read people’s mind.

Maharaj gives many statements

Bageshwar Sarkar is the most famous court of today’s time. In which Pandit Dhirendra Shastri sitting in the court is seen awakening the Hindus. He also gives his statements on big issues towards Hindu religion.


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