Bhusawal Earthquake: Earthquake Tremors In Bhusawal City, Administration Appeals To Take Necessary Precautions


Jalgaon district was hit by an earthquake on Friday morning itself. According to the Nashik center, an earthquake of magnitude 3.3 has been felt in Bhusawal, Savada area around 10.35 am today. Deputy Collector Rahul Patil has given this information.

Jalgaon: Fortunately, no damage has been reported yet. Political earthquakes always happen in Jalgaon district. But on Friday morning, there was a real earthquake. At a distance of 278 km from Nashik city, i.e. in Bhusawal, Sawda area, earthquake tremors were felt at 10.35 am Indian standard time. According to the Nashik center, the magnitude of the earthquake was 3.3 on the Richter scale.

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Appeal made by the District Collector: Resident Deputy Collector Rahul Patil has informed about earthquake shocks in Bhusawal area of ​​Jalgaon district. Meanwhile, it is not yet known where the earthquake caused damage or loss. Sources have also informed that there is no danger to Hatnoor Dam. 10.35 am today. A mild earthquake has occurred in Bhusawal area of ​​Jalgaon district. Aman Mittal, Collector and Chairman, Disaster Management Officer, Jalgaon has appealed to the citizens to take necessary precautions without panicking. Citizens also reported that the building had moved.

Earthquake tremors in Hingoli on January 8: Mild earthquake tremors were felt in several villages of Kalmanuri and Aundha Naganat talukas around 4:30 am on January 8. Its magnitude was recorded as 3.6 on the Richter scale at the Geodetic Center. The tremors were felt in about 40 to 50 villages. Suddenly in the early hours of the morning, an atmosphere of fear was created in the area as earthquake shocks were felt in Sugar Sleep. It was a magnitude 3.6 earthquake. Villagers were scared by underground noises. The administration was said to be ready to face the natural calamity.

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Villagers disturbed by frequent noises: Pimpaldari, Rajdari, Sonwadi, Amdari, Kanjara Pur, Vasai, Jamgavan, Jalal Dhaba, Kakad Dhaba in Aundha Nagnath taluk, while Pangra Shinde, Wapati, Kupti Kalmanuri taluk Bothi Dandegaon, Sindagi, Bolda, Asola etc. in Vasmat taluk Earthquake tremors were felt in the villages. In many villages of Vasmat Kalmanuri Aundha Nagnath taluka, the session of sounding from the ground has been going on for the past eight to ten years. Many researchers visited this area and inspected the land. But the administration was saying that these sounds are coming due to subtle underground movements. But the villagers of this area were quite shocked due to the frequent noise.

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