Building Collapsed In Lucknow: LDA Officer Slept For 13 Years After Ordering Demolition Of Alaya Apartment


Alaya Apartment located on Wazir Hasan Road of Hazratganj in the capital suddenly collapsed (Building Collapsed In Lucknow) at around 6:30 pm on Tuesday evening. In this accident, again the negligence of the responsible is being considered. It is being told that the order to demolish the apartment was given many years ago.

Lucknow: Lucknow Development Authority officials slept for 13 years by ordering the demolition of Alaya Apartment in Wazir Hasan Road. By doing the formalities of filing mitigation maps, the builder easily constructed illegal apartments. As a result of which two people have died so far. The homes of many people have been destroyed. Now the Lucknow Development Authority is looking for those officers who were posted in Hazratganj area during the construction of this apartment. At present, the officers have not been identified yet. It is believed that once again the formalities of the investigation will be completed. As before, there will be no action against the officials again. If we talk about Wazir Hasan Road, then there are at least 12 such illegal constructions on this road which are as dangerous as Alaya Apartment. Lucknow Development Authority has not taken any action on these also. It is a different matter that notices have definitely been issued on paper

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In 2010, a demolition order was issued against Alaya Apartment by the then Joint Secretary. Later, the summon map was filed on behalf of the builder. An affidavit was given that the illegal construction would be sealed in future by demolishing it. It is believed that after the submission of this paper, a ‘game’ started between the builder and the engineers, after which no action was taken for the next 13 years. The result was that finally the Alaya apartment built on a thin pillar got demolished. In this case, the owner of the land Nawazish Manzoor has been arrested by the Meerut police last night. He has been brought to Lucknow. Yazdan, who was involved in controversies regarding illegal construction, also had a builder agreement in it, at present no action has been taken against the Yazdan builder in this matter.

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A dozen more such illegal constructions: 12 more such illegal constructions are visible on Wazir Hasan Road beyond Balu Adda. According to the documents of the Lucknow Development Authority, notices have been issued against all illegal constructions. Despite this, tall buildings are standing. How many hundreds of families are living and hundreds of establishments are being operated. No one has the answer when the bulldozer of Lucknow Development Authority will run on it. Last night, the Vice President of Lucknow Development Authority, Dr. Indramani Tripathi was stationed on the spot, but no information is being given from his side as to what action the Lucknow Development Authority will take in this matter. In such a situation, the question is being raised that in the coming time, this matter will also be put in cold storage?

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