Buy This 100 Km Mileage Electric Scooter For 62,490, Getting Warranty Of So Many Years


New Delhi : Deltic Legion Electric Scooter: Most of the two wheeler auto companies are creating panic by launching their own electronic scooters in the market, moving ahead in this series, Deltic Legion Electric Scooter is giving tough competition to other electronic scooters by launching it in the market. is visible. If you are also thinking of buying an electronic scooter but are not able to buy it due to budget wobble, then we have brought in this news for you an electric scooter with low price and advanced features named Deltic Legion Electric Scooter. You are going to get great features, strong battery and stylish look in this electric scooter. Let us know in detail about the features and price of this scooter.

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Features of Deltic Legion Electric Scooter

First of all, let us give you information about the battery of this electronic scooter. In this, you have been given a lithium ion battery of 60.8V and 30Ah capacity, with which you have connected a 280Watt BLDC motor which generates better peak torque. Along with this, a full three-year warranty has also been given for the battery.

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This electronic scooter gives a range of about 100 kilometers on a single full charge. Talking about other features, it gets disc brakes at the front while drum brakes at the rear. Apart from this, many features like battery vat, digital trip meter, projector headlight, reverse assist, central locking etc. have been given in it.

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Deltic Legion Electric Scooter Price

Talking about the price of this electronic scooter, its starting price is Rs 62,490, while if you buy its top model, then its top model will cost you up to Rs 88,690. For information, let us tell you that a lot of increase is being registered in the sale of vehicles these days.


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