Cargo Ship Sunk: Cargo Ship Sunk Between Japan And South Korea, 8 Crew Members Died In The Accident


Information about the sinking of a cargo ship has come to light in the East China Sea, away from Nagasaki, Japan. Eight crew members died in this accident. According to the information, this incident happened late on Wednesday night.

Tokyo: At least eight crew members were killed when a ship sank in the East China Sea off Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture on Wednesday. Kyodo news agency has given this information on Thursday. The 6,551-tonne Jintian carrying 22 crew members raised a distress signal and sank in the early hours of Wednesday. On Wednesday, an official said that two crew members were found dead.

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Notably, all six of the 13 people rescued from the Hong Kong-registered cargo ship who died recently were from either China or Myanmar. The Coast Guard said that though no one was sent to the hospital, contact has been established with their respective countries. According to the Kyodo news agency, the ship reported distress at around 11:15 pm, about 110 km west of Japan’s Danjo Islands in the East China Sea.

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A thunderstorm warning was in effect when the call was made. According to the Coast Guard, the cargo ship had 14 Chinese and eight Myanmar nationals as crew members. The ship was carrying timber from Malaysia to Incheon in South Korea. KySix crew members were rescued by the South Korean Coast Guard and two by Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force. Two men rescued by the ASDF were pronounced dead after being flown to a hospital via Nagasaki Airport.

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According to the report of Kyodo News Agency, the incident took place outside Japan’s territorial waters. The accident coincided with a cold wave across much of Asia, with day temperatures reaching only 3 °C in some of the islands of Japan closest to the rescue site. In 2020, a cargo ship with 43 crew and 6,000 cattle on board sank in southwestern Japan after being caught in a typhoon. Two crew survived.


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