Elon Musk Reveals He’s ‘stuck’ With His New Name


Twitter CEO Elon Musk has revealed his new name on the micro-blogging platform. He tweeted with a laughing emoji that he is stuck with his new name. Elon Musk is now Mr. Tweet.

San Francisco: Twitter boss Elon Musk has changed his name on the micro-blogging platform to ‘Mr Tweet’ and he can’t take it back. Musk revealed that he’s stuck with his new name, as Twitter won’t let him change it again. He tweeted with a laughing emoji, “I changed my name to Mr. Tweet, now Twitter won’t let me change it.” It is well known that the billionaire owner sometimes takes strange decisions and tweets. Elon Musk is now Mr. Tweet.

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Many internet users kept their point on this matter. One user commented, “Maybe Mr. Tweet can make a comedy channel here because comedians aren’t funny anymore. But it’s funny.” Another user wrote, “So now I can change my name to Elon Musk?” Earlier this week, Musk said that he doesn’t like alcohol, but had some praise for red wine.

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It started when Nicole Behnam tweeted: “I think alcohol is a scam. Alcohol advertisements use themes such as happiness, prestige, success, maturity, intelligence, creativity, sexual satisfaction to target consumers.” To this Musk replied: “Most of the time I don’t like the taste or effect of alcohol, but I would say about red wine that a good glass of red wine adds to the beauty.

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