Encounter Between Police And Miscreants, 25 Thousand Prize Gangster Arrested


Noida Police is on alert regarding Republic Day. Police is continuously running checking operations at suspicious places. Meanwhile, the police had an encounter with the criminals on FNG Road. In which a crook carrying a reward of 25 thousand was caught.

New Delhi/Noida: In view of the security arrangements for the Republic Day, the police station Sector 63 of Noida was conducting a checking operation on the FNG Road, during which the police had a clash with a gangster with a reward of 25,000. During the encounter, the criminal was shot in the leg and he fell injured. The injured miscreant was identified as Jal Bhuna, a resident of Meerut. During interrogation, it came to light that more than two dozen cases have been registered against the accused. At present, the injured miscreant has been sent to the hospital for treatment.

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25,000 reward injured in encounter: Yusuf alias Jala Bhuna was arrested in an encounter with Sector 63 police of Noida and wanted in Gangster Act. According to the police, during the checking on FNG Road, when the police signaled a suspect to stop, he started driving his vehicle at high speed. During this, he also fired on the police. A siege was laid by the police to catch the miscreant without any delay and in retaliation, the criminal was shot in the leg. 1 scooty, 13 15 bore pistol, 1 hollow and 1 live cartridge have been recovered from the possession of the injured miscreant from the incident site. More than 2 dozen cases are registered against the culprit.

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What DCP Central Zone said on this matter: Giving more information regarding the police encounter, Additional DCP Central Zone Vishal Pandey told that the injured miscreant works to carry out the incidents by forming a gang. He has gone to jail many times in the past. The police station was running wanted in the case of gangster from Sector 63 and a reward of Rs 25000 was also declared on it. Information about his other criminal history is being collected.

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