Google Pay’s New Feature Update Will Give Tough Competition To Phonepe And Paytm


New Delhi: Nowadays the world has become so digital that everything is becoming digital now. Earlier you had to go to the market for shopping and for that many hours were wasted, but now you can shop comfortably sitting at home and send money comfortably in digital form i.e. UPI. Pay through. By the way, in the digital era, it has become very easy to send money through UPI from one place to another. If you also take any item from any shop, then you would prefer to pay through UPI instead of cash.

If you have made UPI payment, then you will remember that when you give money from UPI, you will hear a sound, this sound comes through a resonator. That is, whenever you make a payment through UPI, you get information about receiving money from the device kept at the shop i.e. from the soundbox of Paytm and PhonePe.

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Now Google has also decided to bring a similar device. That is, the sound box that you would have seen on Paytm and PhonePe, now you will be able to see such a sound box for Google Pay as well. It is being said that this device of google i.e. this sound box is going to give a tough competition to the devices of paytm and phonepe.

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Let us tell you that as you all know, nowadays most people prefer to pay with UPI, and whenever you go to buy goods from a shop or mall, the shopkeeper should not face any kind of problem due to the presence of more people. When the payer makes the payment, sound comes from this device, so this sound box is installed in the shop. This makes it easy for you to pay and without saying anything to the shopkeeper, you pay easily.

India is the second largest internet market in the world and Google is a big player in the world of internet, considering this, Google has decided to bring this device. Soon Google’s sound box will also be seen in the market, on which voice will be heard on payment.

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Let me tell you that the soundbox with phonepe and Paytm has an in-build speaker, LCD screen and QR code in that device. Simultaneously the speaker confirms UPI payments in multiple languages. Battery and network are also provided in it. This device is controlled manually. This device has a QR code through which you make the payment. It is registered directly with the bank account and phone number of the merchant. This money goes directly to your account.


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