Gulal Starts Flying In Kullu 40 Days Before Holi, Unique Holi Festival Of Bairagi Community Will Start From Tomorrow


Kullu Special Holi: Kullu’s Holi is unique in itself. Here, there is a tradition of celebrating Holi a day before Holi across the country. It is organized not for one or two days but for 40 days. Kullu’s Holi begins only after the arrival of Lord Raghunath in Dhalpur in Basant Panchami. Let’s know about this unique Holi of Kullu…

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Kullu: The Kullu valley is known worldwide as the land of the gods. On the one hand, the festival of Dussehra and Holi is celebrated with great pomp in Kullu. At the same time, Kullu also has its own unique way of celebrating the festival of Basant Panchami. Basant Panchami festival will be celebrated in Kullu on Thursday. With which the festival of Holi will also start in Kullu. On the lines of Vrindavan, here also Holi begins with the Rath Yatra of Lord Raghunath along with Basant Panchami.

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On January 26, Lord Raghunath will reach Rath Maidan along with the entire Lav Lashkar from his abode in the Basant Utsav to be celebrated at Rath Maidan in Dhalpur, Kullu. After this, the Rath Yatra of God will be taken out here and with this Rath Yatra, Holi will start here, which will continue till the next 40 days i.e. Holi festival.

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