If You Also Use Google Pay Then Earn 1000 Rupees Daily Sitting At Home


Earn From Google Pay: Are you also one of those people who want to earn money sitting at home but do not know how, today we will tell you how you can earn money with the help of Google Pay. But before that, know what happens on Google.

Google Pay

Please tell that Google Pay is such a Mobile Payment App that you can pay anyone anytime. It has been made by Google itself. This app has been launched by Google itself which works on Upi.

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Earn money like this from Google Pay

For your information, let us tell you that the way to earn money from Google Pay is very easy. You can earn more than a thousand rupees a month from this. Let us tell you in detail how you can earn this money.

The first way is to earn money by referring

For your information, let us tell you when you invite any of your friends from Google Pay and they download the Google Pay App by clicking on the link given by you. In such a situation, when he makes the first payment after creating an account, then 150 rupees will come to your account. With this your Fred also gets 21 rupees. All the people you refer and they download this app, you will get 101 rupees.

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Another way is Money Transfer

You can also earn money by transferring money from Google Pay. Whoever you give money to, your boss also gets a coupon. The more money you transfer, the better you will get.

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earn money with cashback

You can earn money from Google Pay by making four payments of Rs.30. If you do this then you get a cashback of Rs.80. You can use this 30 rupees by doing Scan And Pay. You can do mobile recharge of Rs.30 or pay any bill of Rs.30.


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