Know Which Foundation Is Best For You, Flawless Skin Will Appear


Different Type Foundation:  Who does not like to look beautiful and that’s why everyone wears make-up. Although all the steps and products are necessary during makeup, but one step which cannot be ignored under any circumstances is the foundation. By the way, people use different foundations according to the color of their skin. Now let us tell you that there are not only one or two types of foundation in the market but there are many types.

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what kind of foundation

Serum Foundation

You can use it before making the base. It is in liquid form, in which many types of organ oil are used. Let us tell you that you will find this type of foundation in the market. You can choose it according to your skin type.

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liquid foundation

This foundation is in liquid form, that is, it is wet. You can apply it on your face with the help of a brush. This works best for women who apply foundation on a daily basis.

cream foundation

Nowadays this foundation is in trend. Most of the people like to use cream foundation. Cream foundation is similar to cream, so that you can apply it easily on your face. This is best for women who are doing makeup for the first time.

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stick foundation

Last is the Stick Foundation. It is very easy to apply it. It comes in the form of this lipstick. It has a base of foundation which you can apply on your face.


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