Kumbabhishek Ceremony At Palani Dandayuthapani Swami Temple


Kumbabhishek ceremony is going on at Palani Thandayuthapani Swamy Temple.

The Maha Kumbabhishek ceremony at Palani Thandayuthapani Swami Temple in Dindigul district has started today (January 27). The yaga pujas for this Kumbabhishekam started early in the morning. Palani Murugan Temple is the 3rd palace among the six houses of Lord Murugan. Kumbabhishekam is held once every 12 years as per Agama rule of this temple. In that way, Kumbabhishekam was held in 2006.

Kumbabhishekam was not held in 2018. After that there were various requests to perform Kumbabhishekam. Subsequently, the temple was undergoing reconstruction. It was announced that the Kumbabhishekam will be held on January 27. Kumbabhishekam is taking place today while the preparations for the same are going on vigorously. Only 2 thousand devotees are allowed to participate in this event.

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However, many devotees throng the temple. A local holiday has been declared for Dindigul district today. Malarthoova helicopter has been called to the temple complex and Rajagopuram especially when Kumbabhishekam is taking place. Yagasala Pujas started 2 days earlier. In that way, the 8th Yagasala Pujas started today at 4.30 am.

At 7.15 p.m., mass worship, Deeparathana, Katiyam, Kandapuranam and Thirumyam begin. After that at 8.15 Shakti Kalashas depart from Yagasalai. After that, by 9.30 a.m., Tirtha Abhisekam is conducted for the Rajagopuram and Golden Flight, followed by the Kumbabhishekam ceremony for the deity.

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Earlier yesterday morning, Kudamuzku was held for 83 temples including Idumban Temple, Pada Vinayagar, Five Peacocks on Kriwala Path which is the sub-temple of Thandayuthapani. Today, 108 sivacharis, 108 reciters twelve times, chants in Tamil for the holy water urns brought from various rivers including Ganga and Kaveri, Tirupugahl Kandan Anukram.

Prasad is given to all who participate in Kumbabhishekam. The temple administration has arranged to give food to 2 lakh devotees. More than 3,000 policemen have been deployed in various districts under the leadership of South Zone IG Azra Garg to control the gathering of devotees. More than 30 government buses are running free of charge from Puliyampatti area for devotees to participate in Kumbabhishekam.

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Rural and Local Government Minister I. Periyasamy, Food Minister Atasakkarabani, Charities Minister Shekharbabu and others have participated in this ceremony. After the completion of Kumbabhishekam, arrangements are made to allow all the devotees into the mountain temple after 11 noon.


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