Like Alia, This Actress Got Pregnant Before Marriage, Is Going To Get Married Soon!


Kiara Pregnancy:  The world of Bollywood is strange and poor. No one knows when, where and what will happen. It is common for Bollywood actors and actresses to have affairs in this industry. Sometimes Bollywood actors and actresses become so serious for each other that the matter reaches to marriage. Right now a similar story is happening with Siddharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani. Recently, this couple has dominated the social media. Right now his film ‘Mission Majnu’ is in the limelight. He talked about marriage during this movie.

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We all know that Vicky Kaushal married Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt last year. After all this, you Siddharth and Kiara Advani are about to get married. Meanwhile, many news are coming out. One of these news is that Kiara Advani is pregnant.

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For your information, it is being heard that Kiara Advani has become pregnant even before marriage. This is the thing that has made Kiara even more viral on social media. Kiara Advani is seen pregnant in the picture which is going viral. Seeing this photo, many people want to know more about her pregnancy. First of all, people want to know whose child she is going to be the mother of.

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what is the truth

If we talk about the truth of the picture, then it is believed that Kiara’s picture has been tampered with. It is being said that Kiara’s picture has been photoshopped. That’s why this news that she is pregnant is fake.


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