Make Sure To Consume Gond Laddus In The Cold, It Is Very Easy To Make As Tasty As It Is To Eat, Note The Recipe Of Soft Gond Laddus


People often have chronic injuries or knee pain that worsens in cold weather. In such a situation, today we will tell you the recipe of such a delicious and healthy laddu. Which you can prepare easily at home. That’s why today we will tell you the recipe for making soft gum laddoos. Its taste is as tasty as it is to eat. Equally, they are very beneficial for health as well. So do try this tasty gond ladoo recipe once told by us.

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Ingredients to make gum laddoos

Cashew nuts
50 grams Grated coconut
seeds Poppy seeds Gram
Wheat flour
Ginger powder
Cardamom powder

How to make gond laddoos

To make gond laddoos, first fry the gond in a pan and make it fine.

After this, fry the makhana in it and take it out and keep it in a plate.

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Now roast cashew almonds in ghee and take them out.

Now separate everyone and make them grand and leave.

Now again heat the ghee in a pan and mix gram flour and wheat flour in it and roast it.

When it is fried well, add ginger powder and cardamom to it and fry it properly.

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When it is fried well, take it out in a bowl.

Now pour light water in a pan and add Guru in it and cook it properly.

When the gur melts, mix it well in all the fried confectioners and mix them all together.

Now add raisins to it and mix it well with the guru and make round small, nice, lovely laddus out of it.


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