Monkey Caught Cobra And Slapped It, Snake Reminded Grandmother, Watch Video


Videos of almost every category are shared on social media. People watch a lot of videos of some of these categories. One of these categories is also of snake videos. People like to watch videos related to snakes. You must have seen many videos of snakes, but here we are showing you the video. You would have never seen such a video. This video is related to snake and monkey. In this video you can see the amazing fight of snake and monkey. This video is being shared a lot. Millions of people have watched this video

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Monkey slapped cobra

It can be seen in this video that the cobra snake is sitting peacefully but suddenly a monkey seeing the snake comes and sits near it. After this, the monkey gets angry at the snake and suddenly the monkey grabs hold of the snake’s hood and flattens it. The snake gets distracted by this incident. He tries to bite the monkey to bite, but the monkey escapes with his quickness and turns it around by holding the snake’s tail. In the video you can see that the monkey is not at all afraid of the snake and sits holding its hood. The monkey keeps the snake upset. Even the snake gets upset with the monkey.
This video has been shared with an Instagram account named beautiful_new_pix wild_animal_pix. It is seen in the video that another snake has also reached near the monkey, but the monkey has released the sixes of this second snake as well. People are liking and sharing this video a lo

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