One Rupee Note Will Now Shine Your Fortune, Sell It Here


1 Rupees Old Note Sell: If you also want to get easy money sitting at home, then this news is very important for you because by reading this news you can sell your old ₹ 1 rupee note and become rich overnight. Lakhs of rupees

There are many people all over the world who are very fond of keeping and collecting old coins and old notes, but perhaps they do not know that they can get lakhs of rupees for this hobby and they can become a millionaire overnight. . So if you also have this ₹ 1 note, then you will become a millionaire, but it is very important to have some special things on this note, that is, only then you can sell this ₹ 1 note and earn lakhs of rupees for this one rupee. Is. Let us tell you in detail in the news that what should be the specialty of ₹ 1 note and where and how you can sell it.

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know the specialty

If you also want to become rich sitting at home, then quickly sell this ₹ 1 rupee note, but before that let us tell you what should be the specialty of this one rupee. Or if 123456 serial number is written then you can become rich.

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There is a lot of demand for notes with such numbers in the international market. Due to which good prices are given for such notes, 786 serial number is considered very auspicious and sacred.

Where and how to sell these notes

There are many such online websites on which you can sell your old coins and notes and earn a good price and become the owner of lakhs of rupees. Let us also tell you the method of selling further.

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how to sell notes

• First of all you visit online website Ebay or Coinbazar website.

• After this the home page will open, then you register on it as a seller.

• After that take a photo of your note from the phone and upload it on the website.

• After that, whoever is interested in taking or buying your note will contact you directly.

• By talking to that person, you can get the good value of your note ie lakhs of rupees for one rupee.


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