Online Shopping Fraud : Don’t Do Online Shopping, Dad; Ordered Mobile Phone And Soap Came With Dummy


As easy as online shopping seems, it can also be expensive. This was confirmed by a person from Chandur railway town in Amravati district. He had ordered a 5G mobile phone from OnePlus company priced at 28 thousand 999 rupees. But when he opened the packing in front of the delivery boy, instead of the One Plus mobile, a dummy mobile and a bar of soap came out in the box.

Amravati : At present, purchase of goods from e-commerce companies has increased on a large scale everywhere. There has been a huge increase in the number of customers buying from e-commerce companies. Various types of offers are given by these companies. However, there is no guarantee that you will get the same item as seen on the company’s portal and app after ordering. A customer ordered a mobile from a leading e-commerce company and actually got Lux and Life Boy soap and a dummy mobile. So don’t do online shopping. The time has come for this customer to say so.

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Redmi instead of original One Plus: Nilesh Chandarana of Chandur Railway town in Amravati district had booked a 2T 5G mobile phone of One Plus company worth Rs. 28 thousand 999 for a family member on January 17 through a reputed online shopping. After receiving the parcel of the said mobile, he opened the packing before the delivery boy on 24th January. Then, instead of the original One Plus company’s mobile phone, the dummy phone Redmi 9 came. Along with it was Lux, Lifebuoy soap. Nilesh Chandarana was surprised to see this. After this, he has complained to the concerned company through the delivery boy. The company should investigate the matter and take action against the culprits. He has also demanded from the company to provide a new mobile phone.

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