Palani Murugan Temple Kudamukkuku Ceremony Was Held With Great Fanfare


Thousands of devotees participated in the immersion ceremony held at Palani Murugan Temple and had darshan.

Dindigul: The immersion ceremony was held today (January 27) at Palani Arulmiku Dandayuthapani Swamy Hill Temple, the third house of Murugan’s Arupada houses. Tens of thousands of devotees participated and had darshan at this immersion ceremony held after sixteen years.

On the 23rd, 90 yagashalas were erected on the hill for the immersion ceremony, and an eight-period puja was performed chanting Vedic mantras. More than 200 Sivacharyas chanted Vedic mantras, more than a hundred reciters twelve tirumis, tirupugazh, kandan decoration and kudamuzku ceremony was held in Tamil to praise Lord Muruga.

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Earlier, holy teerthas brought from various rivers like Ganga, Cauvery and Shanmugnadi were placed in Yagasala and taken in procession. The Shivacharyas took it to the shrines of the Rajagopuram and the Golden Gopuram Parivar deities, poured it into caskets and kept it immersed.

From 5:00 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. to 9:15 a.m., the Kudamukku ceremony was held with Shivacharyas and reciters reciting Vedic mantras. Rajagopuram and Golden Gopuram were showered with flowers by helicopter in conjunction with the immersion ceremony. After that, holy water was sprinkled on the thousands of devotees who participated in the immersion ceremony through sprinklers.

Prasad is given by the temple administration to the two lakh devotees who participate in the immersion ceremony. Lakhs of devotees are waiting at the foot of the hill to have darshan of Thandayuthapani Swamy after the immersion ceremony. The temple administration has made arrangements to send devotees up the hill to have quick darshan of Sami.

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Due to the large number of devotees, 3,000 policemen under the leadership of South Zone IG Aslakgarh have been deployed for security. Helicams have been flown to monitor the rush of devotees and the police are keeping watch.

As a large number of devotees from all over Tamil Nadu have visited Palani for the immersion ceremony, traffic has been diverted. Vehicles are allowed on the bypass road and arrangements have been made so that all the buses can stop at the temporary bus stand set up at Puliyampatti.

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15 crore rupees have been spent by the Department of Hindu Religious Charities for the dedication ceremony of Palani Murugan Temple and the reconstruction of the gopurams and halls on the steps on the hill has been done. More than a thousand workers worked day and night to decorate the flowers. Hindu Religious Welfare Minister Shekhar Babu, Food Minister Chakrapani, Rural Development Minister I. Periyasamy and other prominent personalities were present.


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