Pariksha Pe Charcha: Madurai Student Ashwini Caught The Attention Of Prime Minister Modi!


Prime Minister Modi jokingly responded to a question raised by Ashwini, a Madurai student, at Pariksha Pe Sarcha in Delhi.

Delhi: Since last year 2018, under the name of Pariksha Pe Charcha (pariksha pe charcha), he has been discussing with the students and teachers who are writing the public examination. Accordingly, this year’s event was held at Talkodara Stadium in Delhi.

It started at 11 am. It is said that 30 lakh students from all over the country and 20 lakh questions have been registered in this program. Prime Minister Modi answered the questions asked by students from different parts of the country directly in Delhi and through video.

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In that way, a student from Thiruparangunram Kendriya Vidyalaya School, Madurai spoke to Prime Minister Modi. “Hi Honorable Prime Minister, my question is how can I deal with my parents if I score low in the exam? People in the society even go to the extent of cutting off many hands because they blame low scorers in the exam. What should low scorers do to become good students? How to reduce stress?” ” He questioned.

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Responding to that, Prime Minister Modi said, “Student Ashwini has a method called Hooghly in cricket. Similarly, when he said that he was trying to get me out in the first ball, the stadium burst into laughter. Continuing, Prime Minister Modi said, “It is natural for parents to think that their children should get high marks in the exams. “Parents should not pressure their children about exam marks,” he said.

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