Republic Day Flag: Demand For Khadi Tricolor Increased Due To Ban On Plastic Flags, Brightness Returned To Gandhi Ashram


Preparations for Republic Day have intensified. After the ban on the use of plastic flags, the demand for khadi tricolor flags has increased in Gandhi Ashram. Along with this, Gandhi Ashram is also getting a lot of profit.

Haldwani: In view of Republic Day, the demand for tricolor flag of Khadi has increased. Preparation for Republic Day is going on in full swing in all educational institutions, government and private offices, offices of political and social organizations. The threat of Republic Day has started appearing in the markets of the city. On the occasion of Republic Day, a trend is being seen among the people for tricolor flag made of Khadi. The cotton tricolor flag, which is said to be the symbol of the freedom struggle, has its own importance. In liberating the country, the freedom fighters forced them to leave India, fighting the British with the tricolor of Khadi. After which the feeling of patriotism towards the tricolor awakened among the people and even today they are expressing their feelings through the tricolor.

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Competition to buy the tricolor in Gandhi Ashram: At one time, people used to show the spirit of patriotism by purchasing the tricolor from Gandhi Ashram to celebrate independence. Today, even in the changing times, people are showing interest in buying the tricolor of Khadi. As a result of this, flags made of khadi worth Rs 15 to 20 lakhs are traded on the occasion of Republic Day or Independence Day at the shops attached to the regional Gandhi Ashram located in Haldwani of Kumaon division. The regional Gandhi Ashram office is working to bring and sell here the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certified flags made of Khadi from (Nanded) Maharashtra, (Hubli) Karnataka and Gwalior. There is a lot of demand for flags here. Regional Manager Gandhi Ashram Deep Chandra Joshi said that after the ban on flags made of plastic, people have now seen a trend towards Khadi flags.

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As a result of which, on the occasion of Republic Day and Independence Day, the flag business has reached 15 to 20 lakh rupees. He told that the price of a flag made of Khadi in Gandhi Ashram ranges from Rs 1500 to Rs 6000. Tricolor flags made of pure Khadi are found in Gandhi Ashram. In such a situation, people also like it. In view of Republic Day, people are engaged in shopping for tricolor. People are buying flags of different sizes by reaching Khadi Bhandar Ashram for flag hoisting in government and non-government organizations. He told that flags made of Khadi are found near the Gandhi Ashram which are certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Tricolor flags made of cotton are available in the markets, but they are not BIS certified flags. The specialty of the BIS certified flag is that the color of the flag never gets spoiled. These flags do not get spoiled even by wind and rain.

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