Such An Amazing Scooter! Baap Re Loot As Soon As Possible, So Far More Than 50 Thousand Have Been Sold, You Also Bring Home Immediately


New Delhi: In view of the increasing inflation, the way the demand for electric vehicles is increasing rapidly, similarly all the auto companies are launching their new electronic vehicles with new features in the market. While on the one hand most people are demanding electric scooters in the market leaving petrol scooters, on the other hand there is such an electronic scooter manufacturer company which sold the most of this scooter last year i.e. last month of 2022 in December and broke all the records. cast We are talking about the iQube e-scooter of TVS Motor Company.

Let us tell you, TVS Motor Company first entered the electric mobility segment with the launch of iQube e-scooter in January 2020 and today this scooter is included in the list of best-selling e-scooters.

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2022 iQube Sales Figures

TVS launched this scooter in the year 2020, after that this scooter was updated and introduced in the month of May 2022, after which there was a huge jump in its sales. Talking about the figures for the year 2022, according to a report, the sales figures of TVs iQube from January to December have been presented. Some of the figures are as follows.
January: 1,529 units sold
February: 2,238 units sold
March: 1,799 units sold
April: 1,420 units sold
May: 2,637 units sold
June: 4,668 units sold
July: 6,304 units sold
August: 4,418 units sold
September: 4,923 units sold
October: 8,103 units
November: 10,056 units
December: 11,071 units
These figures are for the sale of TVS’s e-scooter 2022, in which the last month of the year, December saw the biggest jump in sales.

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Features of TVS iQube Electric Scooter

Let us tell you that TVS launched its TVS iQube e-scooter in three variants. First standard, second S and third ST variant. Talking about the battery of these three variants, a 3.04 kWh lithium-ion battery pack has been given in its standard and S variants while its top-spec ST model has a larger battery unit of 4.56 kWh.

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Let us tell you that TVS claims that this scooter provides a range of about 100 kilometers on a single full charge.

TVS iQube Price

Talking about the price of TVS iQube, its standard variant costs Rs 99,130. The ‘S’ variant of this e-scooter costs Rs 1.04 lakh. These prices are on-road, Delhi prices and the prices of the third variant iCube ST are yet to be revealed. The next variant of iQube is going to be launched soon, it is likely to be launched next month. It is believed that TVS is going to be seen giving tough competition to other companies.


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