The Daily Wage Laborer Will Also Become A Millionaire! Now Earn So Many Lakhs Instantly By Selling This 5 Rupee Coin


New Delhi: Now-a-days the rate at which inflation is increasing, it has become very easy to earn money at the same rate. Now you can earn up to Rs.5 lakh by selling this old Rs.5 coin sitting at home very comfortably. Yes friends, you heard it right, if you get this 5 rupee coin, then you will become rich overnight. Let us tell you in full detail in this news that how will you save this 5 rupees and what should be the specialty of this coin to sell this 5 rupees coin.

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Features of 5 rupee coin

If you also have this coin of 5 rupees which is of 1989, on which Jawaharlal Nehru’s picture is there, then you can become rich sitting at home by earning lakhs of rupees instead of this coin.

In fact, this coin of ₹ 5 rupees was launched in the Indian market in the year 1989 on the completion of 100 years of the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru. This 5 rupee coin is made of copper metal and the weight of this 5 rupee coin is approximately 12.6 grams. Along with this, Nehru ji’s picture is printed on the side of this 5 rupee coin and Nehru ji’s date of birth is also written on the edge of the coin. While the date of birth is written on one side, Jawaharlal Nehru Century is written in English on the other corner. If we talk about the other side of the coin, then you will see that Ashoka pillar is made on its other side and Satyamev-Jayate is also written on this coin. If you also have this 5 rupee coin, then sell it immediately and become a millionaire.

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where to sell 5 rupee coin

If you also have a 5 rupee coin with all these features, then you can sell it on online websites like or First of all, you have to visit any of these websites, after that you have to register as a seller, then you have to upload the photo of your coin there, and after that the buyer will contact you directly and you will get 5 rupees for your 5 rupees coin. Can take up to Rs.

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