The Principal Was Doing Premlila With The Student In A Closed Room, The Villagers Thrashed Them, Watch The Video


The incident is from Daugava area of ​​Jalore, Rajasthan. Last Sunday, some villagers here saw the principal in the school with a girl student. Since then the villagers started protesting. The villagers locked Principal Veeraram inside by locking the school from outside. After this, when the matter escalated, police and other officials came to the school area. After which the principal was made APO. The video of this time is becoming quite viral on social media. In which the principal can be seen taking out the lock after opening it.

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the principal was suspicious with a student

The villagers said that the principal was in suspicious condition with the student inside the school. After which the villagers had locked that room of the school by locking it from outside. During this, the villagers also made videos of the principal as proof. After some time, when the matter escalated, Block Education Officer Bhanwar Lal Bishnoi and other administrative officers reached the school. Later, the officials made a factual report and verified the video of the principal. After this the officials made the principal APO.

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Child welfare committee also sought report

After this incident in Dagawa village school, the Child Welfare Committee has also sought a report on the matter. The chairman of the committee, Nain Singh Rajpurohit, has said in this matter that “Child welfare, taking cognizance of the news going viral on the social media platform regarding the episode of Daugava School, has sought a factual report from the District Education Officer Secondary till January 25. ” In this case the statements of the villagers have been recorded in the school premises itself and the school principal has been made an APO. The report of the incident has been sent to the District Education Officer, Bikaner Directorate. Currently, the video of this incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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