This 1 Rupee Coin Is Very Valuable, It Will Make 8 Lakh Owners Quickly


In today’s time, the practice of buying and selling old coins is increasing a lot. There are many such coins, whose value is in lakhs of rupees. Today we are telling you about one such coin here. Please tell that this coin is in high demand in today’s time. If you have this coin, then you can earn lakhs of rupees by selling it on online portal. Today we are giving you information about this coin only here.

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This coin of 1 rupee is rare

Today we are telling you about the coin. It is a very rare coin. Let us inform you that this coin is not a common coin of today but it is a coin of the British era. On one side of this coin, there is a picture of Queen Elizabeth. There is a lot of demand for this coin in today’s time. If you have this coin with you then you can sell this coin for up to 8 lakh rupees.

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Sell ​​your coins on online portal

Let us inform you that there are many such online portals in our country. Where you can sell your old coins very quickly and at a higher price. Therefore, if you have any old coin, then sell it on the online portal only. Here you can quickly find global customers who will buy your coin at a very good price.

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Sell ​​your coins online in this way

First of all, you go to the website of Eway or Coin Bazaar. After that create your profile here and register your mobile number. Now upload the pictures of both sides of your coin here. Now your ad is displayed and anyone who likes your coin can. He contacts you.


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