This Is How To Make Delicious Potato Peas Spicy Vegetable, Everyone Will Be Licking Their Fingers So Tasty, Here Is The Recipe


If you like peas and potatoes very much. So today we will tell you an easy way to do it at home. By following which you can prepare it at home. You can prepare this tasty vegetable of spicy and tasty potato peas at your home in a dhaba-like taste. We often follow many tips to make this vegetable. But we are not able to get hotel like taste in food. That’s why, without delay, follow the recipe mentioned by us and eat this spicy tasty potato peas recipe once.

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Ingredients required to make Matar Aloo

Tomatoes Chopped
Onion Chopped
Coriander Leaves
Red Chilli Whole
Whole Garam Masala
Garam Masala Powder
Bay Leaf
Badi Elaichi
Ginger Garlic Paste

How to make delicious vegetable of peas and potatoes

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First of all, wash the potatoes properly and keep them boiled.

Now heat oil in a pan, when the oil becomes hot, then add cumin, red chili whole, bay leaf, turn cardamom, and temper it.

Now fry the onion in it and when the onion is fried then add all the spices in it.

When you put all the spices given to it, then mix it well and mix it.

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Now when the masala is fried, add peas to it and fry.

Now add chopped boiled potatoes to it and mix everything well and fry.

Now add lukewarm water to it and prepare gravy well.

When it is cooked well, garnish it with coriander leaves and keep the gas off.

Now your delicious spicy matar aloo is ready.


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