This Three Digit Number Written On Pink Note Will Fill The Box With Money, Sell Soon


20 Rupees Old Note Sell: If you also want to become a millionaire overnight, then in this news we have brought a scheme for you under which you will become a millionaire. Many people are very fond of keeping old and antique notes and coins, but perhaps they do not know that they can get lakhs of money from this hobby.

Let me tell you that if you also have this pink note of ₹ 20, then your empty vault will now be filled with lakhs of rupees because you can earn lakhs of rupees by selling this ₹ 20 note.

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The price of old coins and some antique notes is very high in the international market, due to which these notes and coins are sold very expensive and such coins are auctioned. The Rs 20 note we are talking about in this news should have some specialty on that Rs 20 note only then you can earn lakhs of rupees by selling it. Let us tell you in detail that what should be the features on this ₹ 20 pink note.

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20 rupee note should have features

If you also have this 20 rupee note, which is pink in color and has Konark Chakra on the reverse side of this note, and 786 is written on the serial number of this note, then you can auction this note. And in this auction you can earn a huge amount.

where to sell these notes

There are many such online websites on which you can earn lakhs of rupees by selling antique notes and become rich.

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First of all, you have to visit the online website like Coinbazar, ebay, after that you have to register yourself as a seller, in which your personal details will be asked, such as your contact number, after that you can upload the photo of this 20 rupee note. Give, now whoever wants to buy this note will contact you directly and will give you a good amount in exchange for this note.


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