Top Scientists In Texas : Proud! Indian Scientist Ganesh Thakur Will Lead The Scientists In Texas


Indian-American Professor Ganesh Thakur has been appointed Vice President of the Texas Academy of Medicine, Engineering, Science and Technology. Professor Ganesh was appointed as the state’s top scientist and researcher to advance research, innovation and business in Texas.

New York : Ganesh Thakur joined the University of Houston in 2016 with a grant from the Texas Governors University Research Initiative. Ganesh Thakur, an Indian-origin professor, will help coordinate and guide the Board of Directors with strategic planning, programs and communications during his two-year term as vice president to lead scientists and researchers in America.

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Leading TAMEST : TAMEST’s board of directors on Tuesday appointed Thakur, distinguished professor of petroleum engineering at the University of Houston, as vice president along with Brendan Lee, who will serve as president. Ganesh Thakur is originally from Jharkhand. He is the first University of Houston faculty member to lead TAMEST. Indian-American professor Ganesh Thakur said, Texas is home to some of the most intelligent people in the world. I am honored and excited by this opportunity to strengthen collaboration and progress across the state in areas essential to our continued growth and development.

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Accelerated approach provided : He added, TAMEST is a scientific and biomedical intellectual engine for the state. I am passionate about its mission to benefit the public good and business. A member of the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Inventors, Thakur is a globally recognized pioneer in carbon capture, utilization and storage. Their patent provided a more rapid approach to predicting the performance of water injection and enhanced oil recovery using a hybrid analytical-empirical method. They served as an alternative to more time-consuming reservoir simulations.

Ability to meet energy needs : In a USD 5 million partnership with Oil India Limited, Thakur’s team helped capture carbon dioxide from petrochemical plants to enhance oil recovery in several fields in Assam. The project aims to reduce India’s carbon footprint and increase its capacity to meet its energy needs. A Great Asset for TAMEST: We fully support Indian-American Professor Ganesh Thakur’s involvement in this key leadership position that is critical to fostering innovation across our state, said Joseph W. He has an incredible passion for teaching and collaboration, which will be a great asset to TAMEST.

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