Using These 4 Foods Will Cause Problems In The Physical Development Of The Child, Know The Big Things


Food That Stop Children Growth: If your children also often fall sick, then the reason behind this is their diet, that is, because of the things that the child is eating, his health keeps getting worse from time to time. Although every mother gives nutritious food to her children and takes great care of their food, but in view of the modern times, children have also become very advanced and most of the children prefer junk food and outside food, but Do you know that eating these four foreign things can greatly affect the growth of your child and can also damage his liver. Let us give you information about those 4 things in this news which can prove to be very dangerous for your child’s growth.

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• Soft drinks: If your child is also drinking cola, soda or cold drinks in excess, then stop giving all these soft drinks to your child from today itself. Its consumption can increase the risk of type-2 diabetes and obesity.

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• Cream Roll: Often children like to eat cream roll very much and the parents of the children get them cream roll with great enthusiasm. But perhaps you do not know that there is nothing but fat and sugar in it. So don’t give such things to your children at all.

• Fruit flavored items

Often children like food and flower things more, but do you know that these fruit flavored things, whether it is a pastry, fruit cake, jelly, or fruit candy etc., all these things are not made from fruit but from chemical and food color. It is made which can prove to be very harmful for children, so avoid giving such things to children.

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• French Fries

If your children also like to eat friend file, then stop giving it to them from now because it contains trans fat and calories, french fries have a bad effect on the digestion of children.


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