Uyghur Camps In Xinjiang: China Converted Uyghur Camps Into Prisons In Xinjiang


In China’s Xinjiang province, Uygar Muslims are fighting for their existence, their culture and identity. It is alleged that they are being tortured in the alleged ‘re-education’ camp of China. There is latest information about this that many Uygar camps in Xinjiang, China have been converted into formal prisons. The prisoners have been given long prison sentences. Read full news…

Beijing (China): Several Uyghur camps in Xinjiang, China, have been converted into formal prisons. The prisoners have been given long prison sentences. US-based magazine Foreign Affairs told. According to Foreign Affairs, many detainees have been transferred from camps to factories in Xinjiang or other parts of the country. Some Uyghur families abroad have reported that their relatives have returned home but are under house arrest. Under the guise of a poverty alleviation campaign, Beijing is forcing tens of thousands of rural Uyghurs from their villages into factories.

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The Communist Party of China (CCP) has banned the use of the Uyghur language. Also Islamic practices have been banned. Mosques, temples and cemeteries have been destroyed. According to foreign affairs experts, the infrastructure of control, intrusive policing, military patrols and checkpoints that made southern Xinjiang look like a war zone a few years ago is now less visible.

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But this is because digital surveillance systems based on mobile phones, facial recognition, biometric databases, QR codes and other tools to identify and trace populations have proved equally effective in monitoring and controlling local residents. In a recent interview with the Washington DC-based radio network Voice of America (VOA), Jamal, a Uyghur man, explained the entire situation.

Jamal clarified in the interview that China does not issue new passports to Uighurs. He said that Uighurs do not speak to the media even after leaving China for fear of retaliation by the Chinese authorities. According to Jamal, the Chinese authorities were forced to return his passport because his wife is a foreigner. He said that any Uygar passport holder has to present his documents at any customs post in China on demand by the provincial authorities.

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He told VOA that if a Uighur has a valid Chinese passport and visa to visit a particular country, but does not have a government consent document, he is not allowed to cross the border, the Geneva Daily reported. will go. Upon presenting a Chinese ID, passport and consent document to customs officials, a Uyghur is taken to a specially designated place for Uyghurs. After that his documents are attested by the police officers.


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