When Will The Continuous Deaths In Kirari Be Stopped, A Young Man Lost His Life Again


In Delhi’s Kirari area, people are troubled by the problem of waterlogging. People are constantly becoming victims of accidents here. The administration had discussed the solution of the water filled on this vacant plot several days ago, but till now it has not been able to get rid of it.

New Delhi: A 27-year-old youth died due to drowning in water accumulated in a vacant plot in Braj Vihar area of ​​Kirari in the capital Delhi. 10 to 12 feet of water is filled in the vacant plots. Even before this, accidents have happened many times here, but no action was taken by the administration. Although officials of different government departments had visited under the leadership of DCPR regarding the situation of waterlogging. But the solution to this problem has not been found yet.

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The problem of waterlogging once again proved fatal for this area. A 27-year-old youth died due to water logging on vacant land. The youth was identified as a person named Vijay. In this area of ​​the capital, 10 to 12 feet deep water is filled in the vacant plots, in which many accidents have happened in the past. But the administration is oblivious. The same people say that if action had been taken on these plots after the accidents, then probably many lives could have been saved.

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In fact, late Tuesday evening in Braj Vihar of Kirari, a person named Vijay fell into the water filled in empty plots, due to which he died. The same administration continued the rescue till late night and after around 11:00 pm the body of the young man was found. The police had to struggle a lot to find the dead body. At present, the dead body has been sent for postmortem and the police has started taking further action.

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Significantly, such incidents have happened many times in this area, but the ruling party and officials are sitting with their eyes closed. So far no proper arrangement for water drainage has been made by the authorities. Because of which people are becoming victims of accidents. Even after these accidents, the condition of negligence does not seem to be reducing. Now it remains to be seen whether the administration will take action here in the coming days or not. Or else people will become victims of accidents like this.


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